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ESTIMATED turnaround time for any project: 14 days

                               ** Expedited 2-4 day turnaround is available for an additional 35%

REVISION POLICY -- Please read entire thing because this is IMPORTANT!!

My written and/or edited personal statements are my experienced and educated suggestions for what you should submit to ERAS. As such, I highly recommend that if some passage or sentence doesn't feel quite right, edit it! This is YOUR application after all.

For from scratch projects, I DO NOT offer in-depth revisions. However, I will happily edit the changes YOU make yourself. Included in your project cost are two (2) quick edits with minimal feedback.


Please note that most of the time, one draft and maybe one edit is more than enough for my clients to be satisfied!


Any of these edits must be requested within 10 days of receipt of that first draft that I send. If those 10 days have passed, additional quick edits are $75.


With the edits/feedback option, I'll perform two more quick edits after the initial one. I ask that you request those additional edits within 10 days of receipt of the current draft. After that time period, all quick edits are $75.

LORs also come with two edits (though they are almost never needed), and ERAS Experiences have their own collaborative process.

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