Application season for the 2019 match is around the corner. Struggling with your personal statement? Your CV? I can help!

Each project comes with TWO free revisions or drafts after the original. Each subsequent one is $20.

I am a professional writer who has already assisted countless medical students with these frustrating, time-consuming documents. My wife, who just secured her residency position in the 2018 match, lends her input whenever necessary.

For personal statements, I offer grammar and spelling corrections along with detailed feedback. Also, for your peace of mind, I will read through your final draft to eliminate any silly mistakes before you submit it for no additional charge.

turnaround Time: 5-7 

days at the moment

I can format your CV properly, write unique letters of recommendation for you when your attending is too lazy to, assist with your MSPE questionnaire, and more. Click here for more information about the services I provide.