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Josh is the best. He helped me with my CV, personal statement, and 2 LORs. Easy to work with and very knowledgeable. I had so many interview request that I had to start turning some down... Ended up matching in my top choice in psychiatry. Josh, you're 10/10 and I'm recommending you to everyone I know... -E (matched in psychiatry)

I received so many compliments about my personal statement! Almost all my interviewers said it really stood out and demonstrated who I was to them. I can't thank you enough! -J

Had Josh write me a letter of rec and was extremely impressed. -J

Thank you for helping me achieve my dream! No way I could have done so without you! Matched in my dream residency and they loved my PS!!!!!!!! -A (matched in pediatrics)

Yo man, my family and I thank you for all your hard work and great advice. I'll hit you up when it's time to apply for fellowship! -Q (matched in internal medicine)

Josh saved the day! He is awesome! No way this is the last time he gets my business! -H

I tried three other people before I found Josh through a friend. He took what I had and turned it into something beautiful. -Y (matched in family medicine)

I absolutely love my personal statement! It's exactly what I wanted to say but could not find the words. The questionnaire was easy to use and he somehow made sense of my looooooooong answers and fit it all into a page. Everybody that reads it says how good it is. -T

At first I thought the price was too high. But now I think it's too low. My attendings told me my PS and LORs that Josh wrote helped me match so I can't thank him enough! -S (matched in surgery)

Don't think twice. Hire this man to help you with everything you can. -T (matched in internal medicine)

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