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Struggling with your personal statement? Your CV? Did your attending(s) ask you to write your letter of recommendation for yourself? I can help!

I am a professional writer who has, for over five years now, assisted countless medical students match successfully into their dream programs. This is my primary job -- I am not a physician myself. However, I partnered with and supported my wife (now ex, a detail I share here for transparency's sake) all the way from the MCATs and medical school admissions process, through the basic sciences, clinicals, and residency years, and finally her time as chief resident. I am proud to say she made it through and is now thriving in her practice.


This job found me on that journey, and the many close friends I've made along the way who are residents, attendings, program directors, etc., remain accessible and ready to lend their input whenever necessary.

In order to get started, please reach out to me via email at with as many details as possible about what you'd like.

Need something else? Perhaps you're applying to a fellowship or medical school. College? A job? I can assist with that stuff too. Just ask!

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