Struggling with your personal statement? Your CV? Did your attending(s) ask you to write your letter of recommendation for yourself? I can help!

I am a professional writer who has, for over four years now, already assisted countless medical students with these frustrating, time-consuming. My ex-wife (we're still cool), who secured her residency position in the 2018 match, and the many friends I've made who are residents, attendings, and program directors, lend their input whenever necessary.

In order to get started, please reach out to me via email at with as many details as possible about what you'd like.

Need something else? Perhaps you're applying to a fellowship or medical school. College? Your dream job? I can assist with that stuff too - just ask!

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ESTIMATED Current turnaround time for any project: 10 days 

          *As time permits, I do offer expedited turnaround for an additional 35%. Ask about it!

Personal statement services:

COMPLETE STATEMENT FROM SCRATCH: $349 - I will write the entire thing for you. The only thing you have to do is fill out a questionnaire and email it back to me.

REWRITE$239 - Did you write a draft that has everything you want in it but it just doesn't sound right? Do you want it to flow better and sound more professional? Keeping the same content, I will completely rewrite what you already have. I'll just make it sound prettier.

FROM SCRATCH/REWRITE HYBRID: $299 - In between the two above options, I will use your existing draft and have you fill out my questionnaire. Then I will combine all the material together into a new personal statement.

EDITS AND FEEDBACK$149 - If you have a draft that you're already comfortable with, I will edit it and offer detailed feedback.

Letter of recommendation service:

COMPLETE LETTER WRITTEN FROM SCRATCH: $149 - You fill out a quick questionnaire and I write it. It's that simple. I do not use any templates so each letter I write is completely personalized.

CV services:

START TO FINISH CV ASSISTANCE$249 - Have no idea where to start? Overwhelmed? I will send you a questionnaire to fill out. Once it's completed, I will assemble all the information for you into a polished document that will be ready to submit.

COMPLETE REFORMAT, CONTENT EDITING, AND SUGGESTIONS$159 for first three pages, then $29 for each additional page - Email me what you have for your CV and I will make it look pretty and presentable. There will be easy to see highlighted areas for you to expand upon or add to at your leisure. When everything is complete, I will go back over it, line it all up accordingly, and advise you if there's anything else that needs addressing.

*****REVISION POLICY***** This is IMPORTANT so please make sure you read and understand it fully!

My written and/or edited personal statements are my experienced and educated suggestions for what you should submit into ERAS. As such, I highly recommend that if some passage or sentence doesn't feel quite right, edit it! This is YOUR application after all.

For from scratch, rewrite, or hybrid projects, I DO NOT offer full in-depth revisions. However, I will happily edit the changes YOU make yourself. Included in your project cost are three (3) quick edits with minimal feedback.


Please note that most of the time, one draft and maybe one edit is more than enough for my clients to be satisfied!


Any of these edits must be requested within 10 days of receipt of that first draft that I send. If those 10 days have passed, additional quick edits are $50.


With the edits/feedback option, I'll perform two more quick edits after the initial one. I ask that you ask for those additional edits within 10 days of receipt of the current draft. After that time period, all quick edits are $50.

LORs also come with two edits (though they are almost never needed), and CVs are passed back and forth until they're complete and ready to submit (usually no more than two revisions are necessary).

I can currently accept payments (I require the full amount in advance) via Venmo (@JoshDeCou and the last four digits of my phone number are 8116), Cash App ($JoshDeCou), or Zelle (send to

I do not offer any refunds once I start working.