I am very proud to announce that I will soon be launching Put Your Personal Statement on Autopilot.


Want to take this monumental chore off your plate? How does directing your energy toward more important tasks sound? Like studying for example. Maybe you want to take that trip before match season starts. Or perhaps you’d just enjoy curling up on your couch and watching Netflix, this time stress-free and without your personal statement constantly looming in the back of your mind.


Put Your Personal Statement on Autopilot is an easy-to-follow yet comprehensive online course designed to teach you, the aspiring student, everything you’ll need in order to brainstorm, compose, and revise a powerful personal statement. Into just 7 short sessions, I’ve distilled my 5+ years of writing winning personal statements for residency FULL TIME. I’ve shared some of the secrets behind countless match successes across all specialties.


All that invaluable information is filtered into a short curriculum structured to be completed in 1-2-hour spurts within a week or less.


In Put Your Personal Statement on Autopilot, I’ll guide you through every simple step as you construct an amazing personal statement on your own. I’ll offer examples, provide insider tips, and make the experience fun.* The sessions are easily digestible and filled with simple action items and resources.


So work at your own pace and create a personal statement that gets your foot into doors that might not otherwise be open to you.


Give yourself the gifts of extra time, peace of mind, and opportunity. Sign up here to stay updated and to receive a special LAUNCH OFFER for Put Your Personal Statement on Autopilot.


*Fun not guaranteed, but hopefully you’ll laugh every once in a while. Or at least not feel like the process is torture.