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ESTIMATED turnaround time for any project: 14 days

                               ** Expedited 2-4 day turnaround is available for an additional 35%

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Online Meeting
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Residency 2025 Full-Service Package


  • One-hour 1-on-1 Zoom planning session

  • Personal statement from scratch

  • Full ERAS Experiences section assistance

  • An additional one-hour Zoom session that can be used for collaborative editing and revision, application advice, ERAS input assistance, or anything else.

  • 10% off any other services like extra personal statements or Zoom meetings, letters of recommendation, etc.

$1499, and reach out now because spots are limited!


Personal Statements

COMPLETE STATEMENT FROM SCRATCH: - $899 - I will write the entire thing for you. The only thing you have to do is fill out a questionnaire and email it back to me.

EDITS AND FEEDBACK: $299 - If you have a draft that you're already comfortable with, I will edit it and offer detailed feedback.

Online Meeting

1-on-1 Zoom Consults

1-on-1 Zoom consult services:


INTRODUCTORY CONSULT: - FREE for 15 minutes - Have a unique situation or story you're not sure how to approach? Curious to learn more about me and how I can help? This comes with absolutely no commitment on your part to move forward with any other of my services. Email me now!


1-on-1 COLLABORATION SESSION: - $240 per hour billed in 15-minute intervals - Let's have a focused conversation about your situation or any of your application materials. Don't know what to write? Want to stand out? Need help brainstorming? How about a collaborative real-time editing session? Get my expert support via Zoom.  

Curriculum Vitae

ERAS Experiences
(Previously known as the CV)

FULL ERAS EXPERIENCES SECTION ASSISTANCE: - $399 - Send me the 10 experiences you'd like to share along with a brief description of each one. If necessary, I will offer feedback about your choices, then I will revise them into  concise and ready-to-submit items.

Next, in two bullet points, you will expand on the three of those you select as your "meaningful" experiences, and I will trim and revise that information in order to maximize its effectiveness in a very limited space.

Finally, for your "impactful" experience, you will provide me with three more bullet points. I will shape those into a concise, consistent, and compelling narrative that fits under the character limit.

Don't worry if you're confused! I will be available at every step for feedback and advice.

Writing with Pen

Letters of Recommendation

COMPLETE LETTER WRITTEN FROM SCRATCH: - $299 - I write your LOR utilizing the information you share in a quick questionnaire. It's that simple. I do not use any templates so each letter I write is completely from the ground up and personalized. AND YES, I can write more than one if needed! They will all look and sound different.


Residency 2025 Super VIP Package


  • Regular access to me via Zoom for help, advice, planning, collaboration sessions, and brainstorming

  • Full ERAS input assistance and comprehensive review

  • In-depth ERAS Experiences collaboration

  • Up to 2 personal statements from scratch

  • Up to 4 letters of recommendation

$4999, and reach out now because spots are VERY limited!

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