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My Journey So Far (The Origin Story of PersonalStatementMan)

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

How I began helping with residency personal statements, offering difference-making advice, and assisting with all aspects of the ERAS application.

Josh aka the PersonalStatementMan


Since 2017, my full-time job has been helping medical students land dream residency positions.

I’ve assisted over one thousand students get into every specialty. Along the way, I’ve played a part in some true underdog stories and, what many might consider, a few outright miracles.

Without actually doing the studying, I got to experience, first-hand, the medical school application process, medical school itself, the residency application process, residency, and post-residency.

My occupation as a writer sets me apart. You wouldn’t come to me for advice if you were sick, would you? No, you’d go to a doctor. Want guidance about writing? Ask me – I’m a professional writer.

PersonalStatementMan Joins the Workforce

Two dudes working hard

Writing is my career now, but I've been devoted to the practice since before I can remember.

I graduated from college with a degree in English, and I worked as a teacher, salesperson, and retail store manager.

Writing was always my passion. As a freelancer, I created blog content on topics like movies, sports, and online poker. I also pulled together and edited a memoir, took on random ghost-writing projects, and wrote a few screenplays.

PersonalStatementMan Applies to Medical School (Not Really)

Person filling out application

When I met my wife (now ex), she had lifelong aspirations of becoming a physician. Fortunately, she would soon be married to me, the writer who would eventually turn into PersonalStatementMan!

I worked on every aspect of her application, carefully editing every word of EVERYTHING. Together, we spent weeks constructing the perfect personal statement.

And it all paid off. She was accepted into Ross University School of Medicine in the Caribbean, and we decided I would accompany her as she studied medicine in a foreign country.

PersonalStatementMan Goes to Medical School

Kids with backpacks  about to go to school

As we packed up our apartment, we tried to wrap our minds about the monumental undertaking, colossal commitment, and gargantuan risk we were about to embrace.

Then we moved to the tiny island of Dominica and began the next phase of our journey. What did I do as my wife battled her way through the curriculum?

I wrote.

I also made friends with other spouses in the same situation, learned to fish, ate the freshest mangoes imaginable, drank beer while basking on the beach, and read a tremendous amount of books.

Of course, I also helped my wife study, memorizing answers to countless high-yield questions and even acting as a test patient for her and her colleagues. Want to sit around, embarrassed and sweaty with your shirt off for two hours while medical students poke, prod, and palpate?

Sure! Anything to help achieve those passing grades.

PersonalStatementMan Applies for Residency

Crazy doctor with irons

Fast forward to a couple of years later.

Now it was time to apply for residency. Again, my writing skills came in handy.

When attendings asked my wife to write her own letters of recommendation, it was up to me make her sound like a superhero. We agonized over every detail of her CV and MSPE.

And, inevitably, constructing her personal statement became the most important job I’d ever had ­– landing residency on the first go-round and beginning to pay down our substantial debt was a crucial element of our plan.

I spent hours upon hours researching. I searched the internet exhaustively, took e-classes, and read countless examples of the best residency personal statements.

I poured an equal amount of time into every word and every punctuation mark.

Finally, after a full month and at least 27 drafts, we had our masterpiece!

PersonalStatementMan Finds His Career

Doctor with teddy bear

Many of our medical student peers read my wife’s personal statement and immediately asked me to assist with theirs. I was thrilled to help!

Then, one fateful day, my wife posted to her school’s Facebook group. She shared a sample of her opening paragraph.

Requests began to flood in, and my career officially launched.

Happy Ever After for PersonalStatementMan?

Man on top of mountain

Writing for residency immediately became my full-time job. Since then, I have neither looked back nor considered pursuing any other occupation.

I remain in awe of the incredible opportunities and relationships that continue to come up on my journey. Along with the immense satisfaction I’ve received from helping hundreds of students get into residency, I’ve enjoyed editing a book about the future of artificial intelligence in medicine. I’ve also written advertising copy for a couple of resident-run startups, and I even created a class entitled Put Your Personal Statement on Autopilot.

Today, I am proud to say that I am still the only writer at By intentional design, I don’t have a team and I don’t outsource anything. All my work is unique, authentic, and constructed from the ground up with the utmost care, expertise, and integrity.

How can I help you realize YOUR dream?

Don’t hesitate to contact me. I personally respond to every email I receive, and there is no such thing as a silly question or an outrageous request.


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