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ESTIMATED Current turnaround time for any project: 14 days

                               ** Expedited 2-4 day turnaround is available for an additional 35%

Josh is the absolute best. He helped with my CV, PS, and 2 LORs. I had so many interview requests I had to start turning some down!

-A.Y. matched in psychiatry

THANK YOU for helping me achieve my dream! No way I could have done so without you! I matched in my dream residency and they loved my PS!!!!!

-M.J. matched in pediatrics

I tried 3 other people before I finally found Josh. He took what I had and turned it into something beautiful.

-L.D. matched in family medicine

Struggling with your personal statement? Your CV? Did your attending(s) ask you to write your letter of recommendation for yourself? I can help!


​I am a professional writer who has, for over six years now, assisted countless medical students match successfully into their dream programs. This is my primary job. I am not a doctor myself. However, I have first-hand experience with the entire process from med school applications to successful post-residency practice. My many years in the industry are marked by dynamic collaborations with physicians from all over the world, and I continue to have priority access to program directors, attendings, chief residents, etc.

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